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Raising with C.A.R.E

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The four pillars of Raising with C.A.R.E

The Heart of Raising with CARE

Hi there! I'm Ally Johnson, the founder and driving force behind Raising with CARE. As a devoted parent and long-time teacher, I'm on a mission to create a supportive and empowering community that lifts up parents while supporting them right where they are.

Although my teaching career started in 2014, teaching children from age 3-8, my journey into parenthood began 2020 in the thick of the pandemic. Through the highs and lows, I've come to deeply appreciate the immense value of having a strong support network and access to reliable resources tailored to fit each family's unique needs.

With a masters degree in Early Childhood Education (and Deaf education), I know the facts of childhood development, but understand that all parents need a community that’s not just driven on milestones. I am dedicated to curating resources and fostering discussions that empower parents to make informed decisions and cultivate meaningful connections with their children. My passion for family coaching fuels my commitment to providing informative articles, expert advice, and a welcoming space where parents can connect, learn, and grow together all while meeting your family where they are. Together, let's raise well-adjusted kiddos and build a thriving community of caring, confident parents.

What I offer

What is family coaching?

Family coaching is a safe and non-judgmental space for families to explore their concerns and work towards positive change. First the family coach will get to know your family, what your family values are and what your goals are. In this collaborative approach a family coach listens openly about your top concerns. Once we understand your concerns, I tailor your support to fit your family needs.

So what do we help with?

Has anyone ever told you “just wait until they are _____” *insert new stage of child behavior. Well, I help with all that. I strive to help you understand what it means to manage you and your child's emotions as well as control impulses and to consider others’ feelings. I help parents understand their child’s developing brains all while responding in a caring, assertive, respectful and empathetic way. I use your connection with your child to build you up as a parent and give you valuable resources to last a lifetime.


Potty Training



Bedtime help

Preferred parent

Managing screen time

Parental burnout

Emotional regulation

Behavior support

Sibling support

Aggressive behavior

New Transitions

And more

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In-home or virtual visits

This is where we come together to learn and curate a plan for what your family and child needs support in. At Raising with CARE, this is the heart of what I do. This is where I get to know your family and where our journey will take us.

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Whether you are a school who wants family coaching for a large group, or a parent who wants support in the environment your child experiences outside their home, a site visit is perfect for you!

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Text support

Once we establish a plan, support could be just at your fingertips. With access to text support, you can get live guidance.

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At this virtual consult we will chat about what you want support in and come up with a few plans on how to accomplish this



“Made our lives so much easier”

“Ally is a GODSEND for families with toddlers. My daughter preferred me over my husband so much so that it got to a point where she wouldnt let my husband do anything for her and the burden was all on me. Ally worked with me and my husband to develop a plan with real, applicable tools. About a month later, I was shocked when I hear my daughter requesting that I leave her bedroom during her nighttime routine so that she could be with “Daddy” to put her to bed. Now she prefers us both equally and its made everything in our lives so much easier!”

-Sheilanova Cornelio

“Never been more thankful”

“Our family had struggles with potty training our youngest son. I read all of the books, blogs, articles to only leave me more anxious and not understanding what potty training process was good for our specific child. A friend introduced me to Ally and I have never been more thankful. After learning about our child, she put a very specific plan in place. We took it day by day and she adapted as we went along. She was a cheerleader and an advocate for our family during the entire potty training process. Ally's calming presence and vast knowledge was invaluable. Thank you, Ally!”


“The right person

to turn to”

Potty training with Ally Johnson was an absolute pleasure and I would recommend her and her early childhood development tactics to anyone! We had tried potty training on our own and felt defeated and simply tiered of cleaning up messes. Ally came in with such a positive and encouraging attitude that I knew the second time around would be different. It may sound funny, but it was just as much emotional support for me as it was tips and tricks for our toddler. She was so attentive, encouraging, and flexible. It really alleviated the stress I felt which in turn removed any pressure our toddler might have felt. Within a few days we were fully transitioned and I’ll admit I was shocked, relieved and pleasantly surprised at how smoothly it all went. Our not quite 3 year old boy was officially potty trained!

All children are different, and Ally has a plethora of knowledge and information she is able to apply to your individual situation. If you are in the middle of the struggle, have given up, or don’t even know how to begin, Ally is the right person to turn to. Give her a call and see for yourself.



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